Once you have LimeSpot Personalizer installed, you can click Add section and add the LimeSpot component onto your template to include more advanced product recommendations in your most-opened emails.

Note: if you have default product recommendations already on the template, you must remove these before adding the LimeSpot recommendations.

In the settings on the right, you can choose what type of recommendations you want to be displayed: Popular, Trending, or New Arrivals.

Trending items are the most popular items from the most recent traffic (approximately 72 hours) and Most Popular items are items that are most popular since you installed LimeSpot. Both are ranked by clicks, add to carts, purchases, time spent on each product, and other factors.

You can learn more here: https://support.limespot.com/personalizer-app/performance-optimization/should-i-use-most-popular-or-trending-items

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