There are 2 ways to add social links to your templates. Either through the Spently Dashboard or in the Spently Builder.

From The Spently Dashboard:

You can add the URLs for your social icons in the Settings of your dashboard. You can get here by clicking the Settings tab on the left-hand navigation menu. Scroll down to Social links and here you will find the area to add your social links.

Once you have added your social links, be sure to click Save at the top. In order for these to reflect in your Shopify notification emails, you will need to publish your templates to Shopify again.

From The Spently Builder:

First, click the Footer section on the bottom left-hand side of the navigation bar. Then, click the Social Icons drop-down menu on the right-hand navigation bar and click Edit Social Links.

You should now see a popup giving you the option to post your link in the relevant fields.

Finally, click Save to save the changes.

Once again you will need to set your updated templates live again in Shopify to reflect these changes.

Need more help? You can always reach us via the chat bubble or at [email protected].

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