Spently supports Blutag's Alexa Skill Builder so you can add a CTA and a button to your Order Confirmation email to get your customers to enable your Alexa Skill and start receiving Delivery Notifications from their Alexa devices.

With this simple integration, you don't need to manually adjust your email template's code. You can easily add a URL to a button component in the Spently template builder, so it directs to your Alexa page to enable the skill + delivery notifications.

Follow the instructions below to set it up:

1. Ensure you have the Blutag app installed and configured for your store.

2. While editing the Order Confirmation, Shipping Confirmation, or Shipment out for delivery email templates in Spently, simply drag & drop a Button component on to the template you’re editing from the right. Now you can edit the Button Link URL to


  • Once a customer clicks on the Track Your Order with Alexa button, they will be directed to the Alexa page, where they can enable the Skill and Delivery Notifications.

    Just remember to save and set your template live in Shopify for the changes to take effect.

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