Allows you to add in text to the email templates. Will be able to add in liquid variable text to all of the text components.


This is the easiest way to make make your emails uniform. If you do not want to use a spacer, alternatively you can change the heights within the individual components.


Add in a banner photo or lifestyle images to your emails. You can add an HTML link to these to make it easier for customers to access your store.


Separate your sections out with a divider. Like the spacers, the sizes can be adjusted.


Perfect companion to the text component. You can link this button to any link for your store.


Combine multiple components together in one section. Perfect for campaigns you are running. An example of this would be 1x Picture, 2x Text and 1x Button.


This is for custom HTML you want to add. We would strongly recommend that you contact Spently before using this as we may be able to recommend another component. Styling and tabling may be not match exactly.


If you would like to add in additional social links you will be able to use this. Make sure to add the corresponding URL to each social icon.

Line and Total: 

These are automatically added in for styling and tabling. However they can be customised by clicking on these.

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