Spently also powers Auto Follow-Ups emails!

These are emails sent by Spently and are sent after certain events you specify such as 3 days after a purchase or 1 day after abandoned a checkout. These emails are meant to help get your customers back to your store and drive repeat sales. Please note, these emails are available on the Essential Plan and above. Here is the full list of these emails:

- Additional Abandoned Checkout Emails
- Customer Winback
- Purchased From Collection
- Specific Product Purchased
- Review Of Physical Good
- Review Of Digital Good
- Any Purchase
- Any Shipment
- Feedback On Physical Good
- Feedback On Digital Good

Here is how to set them up for the first time!

1. From the dashboard, click "Follow-Up Emails".

2. Click "Create your first Follow Up email".

3. Choose which follow up you'd like to set up. Each follow up will guide you to set these up

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