You can easily create all of your store emails by creating a store email set. You can do so from the dashboard by going to quick create and then store emails.

Then select a theme for your store email set.

Once in the builder you can drag and drop components onto your template and edit them on the right. 

The first email you create is your order confirmation. You will see on the template that there are two thick header and footer lines (these will not show up on your final email). Everything you drag above and below these lines will appear across all of your store emails; for example your logo above the header line will carry over to all of your emails, or social links and any marketing components below the footer line will do the same. This makes it easy for you to create your store without having to fully customize each one.

Try using the product recommendation or discount component to drive repeat sales. These really work! Our merchants typically see a 15% increase in total store sales.

Once you complete your order confirmation and select save and continue, the next email template will be your order cancelled email. You will see here that everything you had above the header line and below the footer line is now on your order cancelled email. Feel free to make changes and adjustments to the remaining emails as necessary.

Once you have made your way through all 15 emails you will arrive at an export all screen where you can go through a select the templates you would like to send to Shopify, copy the html, and enter it into your store.

I hope this helps and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask for help within the app or at

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