When you select “Notifications” from the left navigation bar, you will see a drop down of the various email types we support. A great place to start is your Order Confirmation.

Click on New Template and you can choose some of our preset as a base for your template. 

In the builder you can see that Spently’s templates are all pre-populated with html and Shopify variables in order to pull the correct information from your store and transaction data.

You can customize the look of your template by dragging on or editing existing components.  Try using image, text, and marketing components, to make your template on brand and to drive repeat sales.

When you are happy with your design, click on Save > Save & Export.

Then use the Copy to Clipboard button to copy your templates HTML code.

Login to your Shopify admin and go to your Settings -> Notifications and choose the type of notification. Here paste the code into the HTML section of the appropriate notification type and save your template.

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