You can make updates to your store emails at any time. We recommend updating your store emails every quarter to keep them fresh. You will be able to make the updates to your emails in the Spently builder.

  1. Select the set you'd like to update and click "Edit".
  2. Once you're in the builder, you will be able to update your emails by using the components and the Theme Styles. Makes sure to save your emails as you go!
  3. Now that you've made the changes to your emails, all you need to do is re-export your templates back to Shopify. Once you have done this your updated emails will now start sending to customers.

Still sending old store emails to customers? As we replace the HTML in Shopify, it is likely that you have not exported the updated store emails to Shopify. We recommend exporting the updated emails to Shopify and this should resolve this issue.

Still stuck? Please reach out to us at or via our in-app chat function.

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