This feature is designed for merchants who would like to reward their loyal customers with improved discounts, or choose to omit discounts altogether if customers don't spend enough.

The conditional discounts section will allow you to curate a dynamic discount based on cart value. For instance, if the value of your customers recent order is above $100, you can provide them with a more superior discount. Conversely, if this customer had spent less than $100 you can choose not to provide a next-purchase discount code, or your standard discount code instead.

Want to secure a high value cart? Now you can, as this can also be used for your abandoned checkout emails.

We've also added a toggle for you to determine if customers should receive a next-purchase discount code if they used promotional code to place their initial order.

Here is a quick video of how to set these up in the builder:

Note, If you’re a merchant with an existing set, you can navigate to your discount settings to activate conditional discounts. You’ll be able to adjust the logic behind this through the sidebar, and once you’re happy with it — remember to set the updated templates live onto Shopify to reflect the changes.

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