We power your 21 most opened transactional emails to help drive repeat purchases from your customers. We do not power newsletter campaigns so you will not be able to sync your mailing list.

Using our builder you can engage with your customers using marketing components such as recommended products and personalized discounts that are embedded right within your store notification emails . These emails have substantially higher open rate paired with greater revenue generated per email, as opposed to newsletters.

Here is the full list of these emails:

 - Order Confirmation
 - Order Canceled
 - Order Refund
 - Draft Order Invoice
 - Email Cart From POS
 - Abandoned Checkout
 - POS Receipt
 - POS Exchange Receipt
 - Gift Card Created
- Order Edited

- Order Edit Invoice

- Payment Error

 - Shipping Confirmation
 - Shipping Update
 - Shipment Out for Delivery
 - Shipment Delivered
 - Return Label Instructions

 - Customer Account Invite
 - Customer Account Welcome
 - Customer Account Password Reset
 - Contact Customer

Have any questions? You can always reach us in the app or via support@spentlyhq.com

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