Your Spently dashboard is a overview of all the data collected from your Notification and Follow-up emails.


At the top you will be able to see your total revenue generated throughout your entire lifetime with Spently. This is a combination of both Store Notifications and Follow-Up emails

Underneath this you will see summaries for the revenue generated from each of these types of emails separately. You will be able to change the time period for this using the date range picker. Along with the revenue you will also see engagement analytics on the emails. 

It is worth noting that “Total Open Rate” can be over 100%. This is because customers are opening the same email multiple times.

This link-level tracking shows you the most popular links clicked. This is a great insight into where your customers are clicking so you can optimise for what they prefer to engage with. 


If you have the feedback component added to a email template your data will be collected here to measure the amount of customers with positive and negative shopping experiences. 

Alternatively, you can watch a video explaining your dashboard below.

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