Make it easier for customers to reach your store. All of the links and the design are customisable. Currently you can only use 1 navigation bar per email. If you want to use this in multiple emails you will have to manually add these into your emails.

The products are displayed from the hidden collection Spently creates in your Shopify store. This will never recommend a product which has just been purchased by the customer.

Will show 1 chosen product in the emails. This is a fantastic if you want to highlight a new product. You can use this multiple times in the same email.

Similar to the featured product component however this will show products from this collection. Again this is fantastic for highlighting new collections. Like the navigation bar you can only use one of these per email.


Entice your customers back with a discount. You will be able to choose between %,$ or Free Shipping options as well as the time allowed. These codes are generated when the customer first opens the emails. As these are unique codes you will be able to see them in Shopify and they are not stackable. 

TIP! Including the customers name in here can help boost customer activity.

TIP! We you can the amount or time make sure to update the copy and vice versa.

TIP! The discount codes are created when someone opens an email for the first time. So it is possible that people are opening emails that were previously sent before the discounts were removed. For example, If the email was sent 1st and the discount link was created on the 13th the code will be generated from the 13th and will run for the allocated time of your discount codes. If this was for 7 days, the customer will be able to use this code until the 20th. You can manually disable these codes in the Shopify backend. However, these discount codes are 1 per person, so they can't be stacked with other discount codes.


Great way to incentivize new shoppers to buy from your store, while getting existing customers to buy again. Two codes are generated with this, one that is shared, and once that is sent to the customer who shares.


Here you will be able to ask the customers for feedback. The results for this will be shown in the dashboard.

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