If you are in the Spently application and click on your Dashboard, under the reports tab you will be able to see a record of how many emails sent out, their open rate, and click rate. Through the Dashboard you also have the option to use our date picker and see these analytics based on a specific period of time.

Additionally, if you would like to see analytics for specific emails, you can click on Store Emails on the left navigation bar, and the option to choose each separate email (eg. Order Confirmation) will come up. There you will find more detailed information as to how many emails were sent, when they were opened, and the click rate of those emails.

You are now able to see detailed analytics for your follow ups as well. When you click on the ‘Follow Ups’ tab on the left hand side of the builder you will be directed to the Dashboard for your follow ups. Here you can see analytics for each individual follow up you have created by clicking on the drop down arrow, and choosing ‘View Report’. You are also able to see who your follow up has sent to, the revenue generated from each specific recipient, a specific timestamp, and the open and click rates for that follow up.

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