Spently is built for Shopify and specializes in your store's transactional emails (e-Receipts, Order, Shipping, and Account emails) for eCommerce, where as Mailchimp specializes in bulk email (such as newsletters). You can use both apps at the same time. Note, transactional emails are opened 4-5x more than bulk email.

Spently helps merchants turn their Shopify store emails into marketing opportunities by including branding, upsells, discounts, and referrals that drive repeat sales. Since we are so tightly integrated with Shopify, our notification emails get sent by Shopify and no duplicates are sent.

If you try to use Mailchimp for your store's transactional emails, your customers will be bombarded with duplicate emails. One from Shopify and one from Mailchimp. This is not an ideal customer experience and can negatively impact performance.

Spently is a start-up based in Toronto, Canada, that prides itself on helping you grow your business, providing the best customer support, and advancing how you use your store emails to drive sales. We're always here to help make sure you get the highest ROI. 

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