Setting your Store Notifications live on Shopify is super easy!

If you are setting the templates live from inside the builder follow this method:

  1. Once you have finished your templates, click "Set Live". This will save your templates. You will be also able to save your templates as you go by clicking "Save Draft". 

You will then be taken to the 'Set live in Shopify' page.

2. Select the Store Notification you would like to set live in Shopify.

3. Click "Copy To Clipboard".

4. Click the link below titled "Click here" to be taken to the relevant Shopify link.

To set the Store Notification live, you will need to replace the HTML in Shopify.

5. Click into the box and remove all of the HTML and paste in the new HTML you copied from the Spently builder. This is automatically copied once you have clicked "Copy To Clipboard".

6. Now that the new HTML has been pasted in, you can see a dynamic preview of your template. We recommend clicking "Preview" to double check your emails are perfect. You can also send a test email to yourself by clicking "Send test email". This will be sent to the email listed on your account. 

7.  Click "Save" and your store notification will now be sent whenever prompted by Shopify.

If your template is already setup, simply hover over the thumbnail of your template in the Spently Dashboard and select "Set Live". Then follow from step 2 above.

Here's a video covering the process.

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